Photos and satellite images show major flood damage in Yellowstone National Park, forcing 10,000 visitors to evacuate

Yellowstone National Park, famous for its geysers and large open spaces, was closed for the first time in 34 years this week as floods struck the road. The first US national parks in Montana and Wyoming suffer severe infrastructure damage after heavy rains and thaw have expanded the Yellowstone River and its tributaries. With the flood, the National Park Service completely evacuated Yellowstone, flocking 10,000 people from the wilderness, campgrounds, and settlements of the entire park, which is larger than Road Island and Delaware combined. "It's the scariest river ever," Kate Gomez, a tourist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, told The Associated Press, adding that "everything falls into the river." As of Tuesday, , the park announced that there were no known injuries or deaths. The entire park is temporarily closed. "Precipitation has never been so high," Mark Shenard, a weather forecaster at the National Weather Service, told insiders. "It